I live on Old Kent Road
I work on Old Kent Road
I run a business on Old Kent Road
Ken, Kenon plumbers merchants:

The Old Kent Road once had something going for it, it was alive. There’s no anchorage here now; people come and go. It’s the main gateway through London and look at it, this is what coach loads of tourists see when they come to London; unswept pavements and neglected trees ripping the pavements up.

It’s a good place to work and if you’re a businessman you can earn a living here. One of the advantages of being on the bus route is that, every time one passes, you get 60 people looking over at your shopfront. I’ve never had to advertise.

Ghairat, Al Madina food:

I’m very happy living on Old Kent Road. I work here too which means I can walk everywhere I need to go.


I like it here. It’s a quiet area and the transport links are good. It’s got good restaurants and good supermarkets but I wish the area was cleaned up a bit. I don’t know much about the regeneration plans yet but I’ve heard we might get the Bakerloo line extension which will be good.


I came here ten years ago from Italy. The area feels much safer now than it did back then. I like the area especially the shops and the transport.


I was born and bred in these parts, and I’ve lived in this street for 39 years. It’s completely changed during that time. There aren’t many long term tenants here now and I think things would improve if we had more families on the street. I’m used to having neighbours that look after each other.