Made on Old Kent Road

This website was built for Southwark Council by Wibbly Wobbly Website, a local design agency based just off Old Kent Road.

Photography was supplied by Anna and Alice, a pair of Peckham-based photographers who trade as In The Right Light.

Wibbly Wobbly Website is a leading creative design agency that specialises in websites and digital experiences. Led by coder Dudley Rees and designer Dan Chisholm, Wibbly Wobbly wanted to create a modern, dynamic online presence for Old Kent Road and express the liveliness and creativity they see in the neighbourhood everyday.

“Being an Old Kent Road based company, it was great to be part of a project that’s changing the cultural, social and physical landscape of the city for the better. Both as creatives and business people, it’s always been part of our ethos to collaborate with and support local business. We’re excited to see the opportunities that the regeneration will create for businesses in the area.” Dudley Rees.

In The Right Light
Wibbly Wobbly Website

Dan and Dudley, Sandgate Street
Dan and Dudley, Sandgate Street
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