Local app developer shows budding entrepreneurs how it’s done

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Taiwo Omisore has hosted his first public exhibition and workshop at 231 Old Kent Road.

App developer Taiwo Omisore with Cllr Johnson Situ

Taiwo Omisore, a 28 year old entrepreneur from south east London, who developed his first app, Space Bots, while making the daily grind of a 90 minute commute to work, hosted his first public exhibition and workshop last week.

Taiwo spoke to more than 100 locals at Southwark Council’s new community space, 231 Old Kent Road, about how a teenage fascination with video games led to an interest in programming and eventually his latest app – Who Am I?

Taiwo said: “The workshop was an introduction to the world of programming and covered all the basics. We made a couple of small programs and applications during the course of the evening. Personally, I was delighted to host this exhibition – a celebration of identity – just down the road from where I was born and raised. I really hope it has inspired local talent to jump into computer science, programming and art.

I was lucky, in that my audience were all enthusiastic, so I was able to show the differences between making a game, something which is closed ended and an app that is not a game which is a totally different experience.

I also spoke about the challenges of making apps and how we need more people taking risks in the tech and creative  industry. The most unusual thing for me was seeing people who I had never met before but had used the app, coming to the exhibition. The power of apps and what it can do is really something special.”

The 231 Old Kent Road community space has been attracting local people with a series of events and exhibitions since it opened in April, earlier this year.

Cllr Johnson Situ, Cabinet Member for Growth, Development and Planning at Southwark Council said Taiwo’s exhibition was an excellent example of what 231 Old Kent Road is meant to be for:

“Our vision for Old Kent Road is to build on its unique creative character as a place where industry can thrive alongside new homes and quality open spaces. As someone who is proud of growing up in this area, I know the importance of a space like 231 Old Kent Road which brings together local people, so they can have their say about all the exciting changes taking place in the area.

Having met Taiwo prior to the event, he is a very impressive individual and I have no doubt his workshop will have inspired other like minded people into becoming successful entrepreneurs in their own right.”

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