Background: the area today

The continuity of the buildings on this section of Old Kent Road is fragmented; interrupted by car parks, a petrol station and the podium around the Tustin estate.

It’s easy to miss the entrance to Brimmington Park and the south side of the road is dominated by the supermarket and the Toys ‘r’ Us store which were both designed for car users. 

To the north of Old Kent Road, the eastern side of Ilderton Road is lined mainly by industrial uses and depots (such as the Jewsons store) which take advantage of Ilderton Road’s links to the wider highway network. However, Ilderton Road also feels rather neglected and has the character of a servicing corridor. 

The area around Hatcham Road is a densely populated industrial estate. However, the type of business on the estate is changing. As the manufacturing businesses have moved out, a mix of faith premises and, increasingly, start-up businesses, artists and small scale makers have moved in. The small scale industrial units in buildings such as the Penarth Centre and Hatcham Studios are home to a mix of artists and creative industries. 

The plan

We want to build on the identity of the Hatcham Road and Ilderton Road area as a place with a thriving business community. Hatcham Road will provide a range of workspaces, including light industrial units suitable for small scale manufacturing and makers, artist studios and managed offices. The addition of new homes will help to create a vibrant new neighbourhood in which people can live and work. This mix of uses has never been done before in London on this scale. 

The east side of Ilderton Road is suitable for depot and industrial uses and mixed use development that will provide new homes. New pocket parks and greener and safer streets will improve the environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

We want to build on the area's identity as a place with a thriving business community.
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