Old Kent Road Arts Club

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Local arts organisation, F.A.T Studio is crowdfunding to open a new arts club for Old Kent Road.

F.A.T Studio is crowdfunding to open a new arts club for Old Kent Road

The Old Kent Road Arts Club will be an exciting creative space that welcomes, connects and supports the existing community.

The plan is to convert a disused shop on Old Kent Road (at the junction with Sylvan Grove) into a community space which offers free arts workshops and activities for anyone living and working in the Old Kent Road neighbourhood.

Having engaged with local people to find out what they would like to see prioritised, the team at F.A.T Studio has decided the new club will focus on community, sustainability and mental health.

The project needs £38k to get started and their crowdfunding campaign has already secured more than £31k worth of pledges. This includes £20k from the #MakeLondon funding programme designed to help the capital recover from the pandemic.

The money raised will be used to transform and furnish the shop space; to install a window gallery and to refurbish a printer. The funds will also pay for a whole year of free arts activities plus an Old Kent Road Arts Club exhibition.

F.A.T Studios need to raise another £7k by 11 May 2021 to hit their crowdfunding target. If they fail to raise the full £38k they’ll lose all the pledges made so far.

If you would like to help, visit the SpaceHive page to find out more about the project and pledge your support.

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