OKR Design Challenge: High Street Workshop

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As part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture, local community group, Action OKR is running an OKR Design Challenge.

Model making with Action OKR

The OKR Design Challenge consists of two days of workshops complemented by walks and events focussed on the idea of the high street.

Running from 8-9 June at 231 Old Kent Road, the Design Challenge will engage participants with the regeneration of Old Kent Road in fun and accessible ways, including constructing a “mega-model” of the high street.

Architects, planners and academics will be on hand to work with local residents and businesses to develop a people’s plan for the high street.

Action OKR hopes that the results will help stimulate good design that meets the needs and ambitions of local people, both now and in the future. The workshops are free so come along and tell the team what you love or hate about the high street and what you would (and wouldn’t) like to see happen.

The OKR Design Challenge runs from 8-9 June, 11am to 5pm, and it’s free to take part. Find out more


231 Old Kent Road
231 Old Kent Road is a new community space for Old Kent Road which opened earlier this year. It’s a place where local residents, businesses and community groups – such as Action OKR – can share ideas and get involved in the plans for the area’s future. Following on from April’s popular Museum of Us exhibition, the OKR Design Challenge is one of a number of events and activities taking place at 231 throughout the year.

Action OKR
Action OKR is a local initiative representing a number of community groups in the area, including Peckham Weeklies, Vital OKR, businesses, residents and Cass Cities.


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