372 new homes approved for Livesey Place

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Southwark Council’s Planning Committee has approved a scheme for the site of the former North Peckham Civic Centre which will preserve the building’s historic mural and deliver hundreds of new homes.

Adam Kossowski's famous mural will be incorporated into the new scheme

The mixed-use development, on the site of the former Civic Centre (currently home to the Everlasting Arms Ministries) and adjacent land between Old Kent Road and Livesey Place was approved last night.

The existing buildings will be demolished but the listed Old Kent Road mural will be preserved.

The new development will comprise three buildings (from ten to 38 storeys) consisting of new homes, office and retail space and a new church for the Everlasting Arms Ministries (with a 400 seat church hall).

In total, there will be 372 new homes. This includes 115 affordable homes, 83 of which will be for social rents.

The scheme will also provide roughly £600k for the new park planned for Frensham Street depot.

The Civic Centre opened in 1966 and was notable for the mural created by Polish artist, Adam Kossowski which depicts the history of Old Kent Road. The mural, which was listed by English Heritage in 2017, will be preserved. It will be removed prior to demolition and held in storage until it can be incorporated back into the new development.

The scheme was approved subject to conditions and referral to the Mayor of London.

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