33 new homes approved for Hatcham Road

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Southwark Council’s Planning Committee has approved an application to build 33 new flats on Hatcham Road, including 12 affordable homes.

Architect's sketch of the Iberia House development, just off Old Kent Road

The decision was made by the Planning Committee at a meeting held last night (29 June).

The Iberia House scheme entails demolishing an existing light industrial building and replacing it with a new mixed-use development, up to nine storeys in height.

The new building will deliver 33 new homes as well as commercial and employment space on the ground floor and first floor.

12 of the new flats (35 per cent) will be affordable homes including 8 at social rent.

The regeneration of Old Kent Road presents a unique chance to tackle Southwark’s housing crisis. Overall, 20,000 new homes are set to be built in the area, at least 35 per cent of which will be affordable homes, including 5,000 at social rent.

In the last six months alone, several major planning applications have already been approved for thousands of new homes in the Old Kent Road neighbourhood.

Find out more about the benefits of regenerating Old Kent Road.


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