First pictures of ‘Gasholder Park’ revealed

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Avanton has released the first pictures of what Old Kent Road’s new ‘Gasholder Park’ could look like.

CGI of the proposed park and gasholder (indicative image)

In response to consultation with the local community, the council has revised its plans for the proposed new park – tentatively titled Livesey Park – on the site of the former South Metropolitan Gasworks.

The council now intends to utilise more space for the park and has asked local landowners, National Grid plc and Southern Gas Network (SGN) to contribute some of their land. This will include the historic, Grade II listed gasholder which will form a striking centre-piece for the new park.

The plan is to retain as much of the historic structure as possible, including the concrete tank and the central ‘dumpling’ (a raised area in the centre of the gasholder).

Working with Avanton, the council commissioned architects, Patel Taylor to explore potential designs for the park and new uses for the gasholder. Their designs make good use of the structure, with a public lido proposed for the top of the dumpling; an ecological garden around the edge and a climbing wall and sunken garden in the ‘moat’ that surrounds it.

In addition, a slice of the original, central steel drum, which once held the gas, will be retained for posterity and will give visitors a chance to see how it would have worked.

These designs for the park are still just proposals at this stage so remember to check back here for more news as the project progresses.

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