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Please note that the application process is complete and the panel has been appointed. This page is for the record only.

Southwark Council wants members for a new Old Kent Road Community Review Panel.

Old Kent Road is undergoing a major transformation and this panel will comment on plans for development in the area.

Over the next 20 years, thousands of new homes will be built and thousands of new jobs created in the area. There are also plans to extend the Bakerloo line from Elephant and Castle to Kent via Old Kent Road.

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The council will support and develop existing business and cultural communities and will deliver growth in a way that benefits the 35,000 people who live in the area. So it’s essential that the views of the community are heard and that local people have a say in decision-making.

What is the panel?

The Community Review Panel is just one of the ways in which the council can better understand the needs of the local community.

The panel will give independent advice on planning in the regeneration area. It will discuss important issues, including housing, transport, public and green spaces, and the environment. This will help to ensure all new developments are of the highest possible quality and meet the needs of people living and working in the area, both now and in future.

The panel will meet once a month to discuss proposals. These discussions will be turned into a formal report and will feed into decisions made by the council.

All of the panel’s recommendations will be taken seriously and will be a formal part of the planning process.

Who is needed?

The Community Review Panel will have around 15 members, and the council wants people of all backgrounds and ages (18 or over).

The council is keen to have people on the panel who know the Old Kent Road area and who want to positively influence its future – whether you’re a resident, employer, employee or just a regular visitor.

Southwark especially wants to hear from people who may not already be involved with a community group, and whose voice is not currently being heard.

You don’t need experience or knowledge in planning or architecture. Indeed, the council is not looking for people with professional built environment experience and Southwark councillors and employees are not eligible to apply.

What skills or experience are needed?

The members of the panel should have a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. The council wants a broad range of members drawn from a cross-section of the community who:

  • bring a strong understanding of the local area, the way it works, its history, its people, its culture and its needs
  • can provide constructive advice from a community perspective on proposals for development and change, and on the needs of existing residential and business communities
  • will make confident contributions in meetings
  • will collaborate and respect the contribution of others in panel discussions

How often will the panel meet?

Panel members will need to attend Community Review Panel meetings. There will be around 12 meetings in the first year and there will be background papers to read before each meeting. The meetings will be scheduled for times that suit the panel members.

The panel will run for a year to start with. At the end of the year, everyone will have the opportunity to decide if they want to carry on being involved.

How will the panel be managed?

Frame Projects is responsible for recruiting and managing the panel.

Frame Projects will ensure the panel is independent; properly briefed and able to effectively communicate its views to the council. Frame will provide panel members with the support needed for their role, including free training sessions. These might include help with reading plans and maps, understanding the basics of urban design and development proposals, or developing the confidence to get views across in a meeting.

Get involved


If you would like to join the panel the first step is to complete an application form.

Download the form and email the completed form to:

The deadline for submitting completed applications has been extended to 17:30 on Friday 15 May (as a consequence of the disruption caused by coronavirus).

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a selection workshop with other candidates. The dates for the workshops will be confirmed soon.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a paper copy of the application form, please call Frame Projects on 020 3971 6161 or email

The Community Review Panel will help the council to better understand the needs of the community.
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Members should have a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge.
Apply before Friday 15 May 2020
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