The Community Review Panel

Southwark Council has recruited a new Old Kent Road Community Review Panel.

Old Kent Road is undergoing a major transformation and this panel will comment on plans for development in the area.

The council wants to support and develop existing business and cultural communities and deliver growth in a way that benefits the 35,000 people who live in the area.

So it’s essential that the views of the community are heard and that local people have a say in decision-making.

What is the panel?

The Community Review Panel is just one of the ways in which the council can better understand the needs of the local community.

The panel gives independent advice on planning in the regeneration area. It discusses important issues, including housing, transport, public and green spaces, and the environment. This helps to ensure all new developments are of the highest possible quality and meet the needs of people living and working in the area, both now and in future.

The panel meets once a month to discuss proposals. These discussions are subsequently written up as formal reports to feed into decisions made by the council.

All of the panel’s recommendations are taken seriously and will be a formal part of the planning process.

Who is on the panel?


The panel, which is independent of Southwark Council, was recruited in June 2020 and comprises 12 members plus a Chair, Gurmeet Sian.

The members were chosen for their knowledge of the area and for representing a good cross-section of the local population, including their skills, age, ethnic origin etc. As a result, they reflect the current demographics of the neighbourhood and, with younger members and members with young families included, they reflect the immediate future of Old Kent Road too.

All the panel members know the area well and all (bar one) live locally.

Although the Chair, Gurmeet is an experienced architect, the panel members themselves are not expected to have any specialist knowledge about planning or development.

How is the panel managed?

Frame Projects recruited the panel and is responsible for managing the panel.

Frame Projects will ensure the panel is independent; properly briefed and able to effectively communicate its views to the council. Frame provides panel members with the support needed for their role, including free training sessions.

More information and minutes


Download the Handbook

Download minutes from 24 August 2020

NB: There wasn’t a meeting in September

Download minutes from 26 October 2020

If you have any questions about the panel or would like to be considered for membership in future, please call Frame Projects on 020 3971 6161 or email

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The Community Review Panel helps the council to better understand the needs of the community.
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Members have a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge.
Members represent a good cross-section of the local population
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